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Dave Matthews Band - Party Bus to PNC!

Dave Matthews Band - Party Bus to PNC!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Rocks Off Concert Express!

Boards: 3:45pm / Departs: 4:00pm

Advance: $69

This event is All ages


Dave Matthews Band - Party Bus to PNC!

Y'know what's gonna be awesome? The Dave Matthews Band performing live at the PNC Center!  Y'know what's not gonna be awesome though?  Getting your car-less New Yorker ass all the way to Holmdel, New Jersey.  That's where Rocks Off comes in!

We are running an air-conditioned, bathroom-equipped, sound system, TV screen-rockin party bus from NYC to and from PNC. You don't need to worry about finding a ride, staying sober, or even learning how the hell to get to "Holmdel, New Jersey" on a train. Really, all you've gotta do is buy a ticket, show up, stumble into and out of the venue, and we'll take care of the rest - don't that sound like it's worth a little money spent on your peace of mind?  (And - we can't stress this part enough - not having to draw straws to see which one of your friends has to stay sober at a Dave Matthews Band show!) 

The bus will run to and from the Hammerstein Ballroom - 34th St. and 8th Ave.  Boarding begins at 3:45pm, and the bus will leave at 4:00pm PROMPTLY - we know you guys tend to be late to everything, but, really, you're gonna be super bummed out if you pay for a ticket and then miss the bus (and we're not going to refund you), so please take us at our word on this one.  Refreshments are not served on the bus, but we encourage you to bring your own. BYOB! The bus will leave the PNC Parking Lot half an hour after the show ends - once again, we are serious, and you will be even more bummed out if you pay for a ticket and then get stranded in New Jersey after the show, so please proceed as efficiently as you can towards the bus after the show.  The plus side is, you will find yourself back in NYC afterwards in plenty of time to get a decent night's sleep (or to just keep raging with all the awesome people you met on the bus).


Don't miss out on your seat on the bus! - you really, really don't want to take New Jersey Transit and then wait for a shuttle that may or may not be running that day.  (Trust us - we've done it, and it sucks). If you have any questions email Sancho@rocksoff.com