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BARBED WIRE CITY - The Unauthorized ECW Documentary!

Q+A with the Directors and More!

Rocks Off Film Festival Presents

BARBED WIRE CITY - The Unauthorized ECW Documentary!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kraine Theater

Doors: 3:30pm / Show: 4:00pm

Advance: $5

This event is All ages


BARBED WIRE CITY - The Unauthorized ECW Documentary!


"The Most Accurate Telling of the ECW Story" - Joey Styles, the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling
Utilizing a recipe of over the top theatrics, balls to the wall violence and vibrant characterizations so deep they cut to the bone and an audience so passionate they became part of the show, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) exemplified the excess of its era, becoming the punk rock pro wrestling product. 
So what happens when a wrestling promotion so steeped in originality sees its concepts poached by larger, international companies with a far wider audience and far deeper pockets?  Co-Directors John Philapavage and Kevin Kiernan's critically acclaimed documentary digs deep into the psyche and history of the ECW culture to examine what made it tick, why so many lived and died by the initials and what happened to these hard-living, hard-performing eclectic personalities when ECW ceased to exist. 
Often compared to Nirvana's influence on music, ECW changed the professional wrestling landscape as well as the lives of its performers and fans forever.  BARBED WIRE CITY took a decade to film and complete in order to provide a final epitaph on the gravestone of the only pro wrestling promotion in history that saw it's audience rescue it from the brink of oblivion...and then resurrect it.
Following Barbed Wire City's screening, Co-Directors John Philapavage & Kevin Kiernan, Strictly ECW Fan campaign leader Tony Lewis and a number of performers from the original ECW will be on hand for a special Q&A discussion on the film and legacy of ECW.