Feb 13, 2013

Rocks Off is proud to announce our 13th annual Concert Cruise season is kicking off in fine fashion with the almighty Alabama Shakes !!! We'll be taking the Shakes and about 250 lucky fans for a very special, intimate cruise on the Hudson River tomorrow night, Valentine's Day. 

Feb 04, 2013

Recently we were listening to our favorite comedian Bill Burr's "Monday Morning Podcast" and he told a story about John Lennon performing with Chuck Berry back in the 70s.  Yoko Ono was "sitting in" and when her shrill screams made a cameo Chuck Berry's eyes BUGGED OUT OF HIS HEAD! You can see it all unfold, complete with Bill's commentary - RIGHT HERE.


Shortly after we thought - "Ah, man Chapman missed." And the shirt was born.


But just remember - Yoko isn't ALL bad - f you wanna see some real quality Yoko - HERE SHE IS covering Katy Perry.  Never had one lesson!!

CLICK HERE to PURCHASE this fabulous shirt.

Dec 26, 2012

Rocks Of is proud to debut our new weekly podcast series called GET YOUR ROCKS OFF.  Rocks Off founder Jake Szufnarowski will be interviewing creative types that he finds interesting.  Musicians, artist, managers, agents, promoters, pro wrestlers, comedians and more.

Jake sits with Disco Biscuits bassist and mascot Marc Brownstein for a candid discussion abut the origins of the Disco Biscuits, why Marc was kicked out of the band at the end of 1999, Drugs aka Tuesday Bluesday, the parallels and differences of the guitarists in the Biscuits and Conspirator and much more.

Epsidoe 1 is available now HERE

Oct 29, 2012


Larry Bloch was an accidental nightclub impresario.  In the late 80s, with no nightclub, live music or even bar experience, he decided to stick his nose, and his singular vision into the "Greed Is Good" ground zero of downtown Manhattan.  His plan was to open a hippie "bar" that also helped spread the word about environmental and social justice activism isues.  What he birthed was a live music juggernaut that catered to and helped to create the new wave of JamBands that included blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, Phish and Dave Matthews Band. And funded a full time Activism Center.

As Chris Barron, singer of the Spin Doctors, said in the documentary "Wetlands Preserved":
"Wetlands changed the type of music a lot of bands were making around that time because we had to cater our music to be the type of style that would allow us to get booked there."

That's a stunning remark to come from one of the "architects" of that music scene.  Usually a live music club functions as an incubator for bands - let's them plan and try to find an audience.  Wetlands opened and attracted and audience and forced bands to cater to them in order to get booked.  Soon after, Wetlands widened its welcoming wings to become a New York City home for Funk, Reggae, Folk, Punk, Hardcore, Hip Hop and Electronic Music as well.

And that's just the music part of it.  Larry literally put the club's money where his mouth was. The Activism Center wasn't something that got funded if there happened to be left over profits from the club.  The Activism Center was treated as a necessary expense!  And this Activism Center had some signifigant victories such as convincing the NY Times to cancel their contract with the paper supplier MacMillan Blodell who had been clearcutting Canadian rainforests.

But the thing we saw with Wetlands, which we haven't seen in another live music club since is that it created a "scene"  It was a place where people who come on any night of the week, regardless of who was playing, to find god music and other like minded people.  The East Village had CBGB and Coney Island High which were for the whiskey and speed set.  Wetlands was home to the MicroBrews and Marijuana heads.

When New York City lost Wetlands, it didn't just lose a place for bands to play,  It lost a place that music fans could call, and feel at, HOME.  How fitting then that as the strongest Hurricane to ever cross the Northeast Corridor prepares to blow into our city and shuffle things up yet again, that Larry Bloch at this time is rising up into his next plane of being where he will undoubtedly formulate and actualize, and give birth to a whole new set of dreams.

"We Labor To Birth Our Dance With The earth"

Indeed, Larry.

Be Seeing You.


Rocks Off founder Jake Szufnarowski worked and lived at Wetlands Preserve from 1994 until it's closing in 2001.  He began as Larry Bloch's assistant and then served as Wetlands Talent Buyer from 1999-2001.

Apr 20, 2012

 ROCKS OFF is proud to announce our first annual CINCO DE MAYO FIESTA EN EL RIO!  That means a ‘PARTY ON THE RIVER’ for all you gringos.


Join us on Saturday, May 5th as we take over Pier 81 in a celebration of good livin' and all things Mexican! Pier 81 juts out over the Hudson River for amazing views and cool breezes all afternoon long.


From 12noon to 5pm we’re gonna have ourselves a serious party, complete with live music thanks to Yacht Rock Revue and Lucha-Libre inspired wrestling featuring the stars of Evolve Wrestling throughout the day! 


There will be lots more entertainment all over the pier; from limbo contests to Mexican-themed face painting and music from New York City's only all-female Mariachi band 'Mariachi Flor De Tolocahe'!


And of course this Cinco De Mayo party wouldn't be complete without some killer food and drinks. Thanks to our sponsors PACIFICO and NEGRO MODELO the Mexican cervezas will be flowing all day long. We'll also have a wide range of tequilas available as well as margaritas! Because really, what better way to spend a beautiful summer day than chilling out by the water with a nice cold margarita in hand. Also we'll be serving up some tasty Mexican-fare with nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and more!



Apr 11, 2012

Anyone who was on the Bronx boat cruise last year knows what an amazing time it was!


Anyone who wasn't there simply needs to check out this review and pics from Brooklyn Vegan


When we tried to figure out how to make it even more amazing, we thought SHIT - why not do TWO nights and invite MARICAHI EL BRONX to have some fun with us as well.  And so as not to overload you on the Bronx by having both bands in the same night we decided to spread out our Bronx cheer over two nights and bring TWO GALLANTS on board as well!


And if that wasn't enough, we even set it up so that you could save some cash AND get this amazing SIGNED POSTER if you buy tix for BOTH shows.


Aren't we just the SWEETEST?  Go ahead, kiss usright there.  We'll kiss you back.


TIX for THE BRONX /  TWO GALLANTS Party On the River!



Feb 13, 2012

We're sooooo fucken psyched to be bringing the Bad Brains back to NYC for the first time since the night Obama was elected - that's almost 4 years - and we've missed them!!!!!!  To make these shows extra special we've stacked the bill with NYC Harcore legends and flad wavers of the PMA brigade H2O and also from the Wu Tang Clan -  GZA!!!!  Tickets go onsale for both shows this comign Friday February 19th!  See y'all in the pit!!!

Feb 13, 2012

Did you know that the Rocks Off empire includes a tattoo shop in Tucson, Arizona?  IT does, and that tattoo shop is called The Magic Fun Store.  check out this video we made about the most famous tatgtooo to come out of the shop.  The Unicorn and the Dolphin!Over 100,000 views in one week!



Sep 26, 2011

We're psyched to announce that LESS THAN JAKE will be performing TWO CLASSIC ALBUMS over two nights ON A BOAT!!!  On Friday November 4th they will be playing LOSING STREAK and on Saturdya November 5th they will be playing HELLO ROCKVIEW.  Tidkets are extremely limited and once they're gone they're gone for good!  So get em while they're hot!!!


And check out this special video announcement of the shows.  LESS THAN JAKE shows you MORE OF JAKE (the video stars Rocks Off founder Jake aka "SzufDaddy" who accepted the band; challenge to come up with a "creative" way to annouce the shows...


Rocks Off Concert Cruise presents Less Than Jake from Dave Waldron on Vimeo.

Aug 23, 2011

Saturday August 27th will be an epic party-boat rager like none other! We will be celebrating until the wee hours of the morning aboard The Half Moon for the CD release party for Jonny Corndawg's new album 'Down on the Bikini Line'! 

But there's much more to celebrate! It's the 11th Anniversary of Rocks Off! We have been doing these concert cruises for 11 f'n years and hell, it's about time we celebrated how awesome we are! And it's also the birthday party of our Head Honcho Mr. Sancho Dominguez! He might be stuck in the Dominican Republic the night of the show but the spirit of Sancho will fill the Half Moon as we raise our tequila shots in honor and reverence. With all this awesome stuff to celebrate how could we not make this party an OPEN BAR?! That's right, only $35 for an epic night of debauchery with an open bar and performances by Johnny Corndawg and many special guests! This will be the greatest night you will never remember. Come celebrate with us - ROCKS OFF LOVES YOU!
Tix available here:
* * * * *
JONNY CORNDAWG - Corndawg is likely the only country singer influenced by hardcore punk, TRON, Tim Conway and ’50s gay pulp novels. Whether he’s dancing mock-Cossack style, playing shirtless on top of a Suburban (as he did outside Woody’s Tavern in Louisville last year) or plying his trade in a more traditional club setting, Corndawg’s singular goal is to plaster smiles across the mugs of a lucky few. Like John Prine, he conveys profound observations by exploring at times mundane lyric themes. “Lack of education didn’t hold me back / I use real butter on my buttermilk stack / I don’t need Gold’s Gym / ’cause I’m happy and fat,” he claims on “Midlife Crisis.” Corndawg is not the new James Taylor, but rather represents an alternative to middlebrow whose music spans the lo-fi folk of troubadours like The Frogs and Sentridoh and country-rockabilly freaks like Hasil Adkins and Marvin Rainwater.

* * * * *

MIKE FARRIS - Mike Farris, formerly of the Screamin Cheetah Wheelies, and the only white man ever to win the Dove Gospel Award for best singer, returns to New York City for this very special show with the handpicked Rocks Off Rhythm Revue. This rock n soul patrol featuring Mike Farris, Scott Metzger, Andy Hess, and Josh Dion will be delivering the ecstatic classics. This is how you get yer Rocks Off

* * * * *
ICE - ROD - A watercolor painting teacher by trade, ICE ROD is the most positive and sexually driven hip-hop artist in the US. This will be one of his first shows since taking a break after winning several freestyle competitions in Minneapolis - and receiving death threats as a result, forcing him to take a break.