The Wildhearts vs New York York City for Two Nights!

Is Earth Vs The Wildhearts really 20 years old?  Does that mean we are all getting old?  Nah, not old.  Just older.  And wiser.  Which is why we are getting ready to party like it's 1993.  When we never gave hangovers a chance to grab hold - we just hit them with a caffeiene bomb.  They say you never forget your first - which is why the Wildhearts are going to play their debut IN ITS ENTIRETY.  And if we are all really loud and exra foot stompy we can probably get them to play an enciore as well - hell maybe it will even be some of the B-Sides from the singles that were released.

Friday May 31st "Earth Vs The Wildhearts" in its entirety @ The Gramercy Theater TIX AVAILABLE NOW


The Wildhearts are the best rock n roll band you've never heard of.  Unless you've heard of them, in which case they are already your favorite band.  Amirtite??  After a 3 year hiatus they regrouped and played a blistering sold out show at the Kentishtown Forum in London in December of 2012.  They were so enrgized from that performance that they decided to do a 4 show tour of the UK; so we twisted their arms, and hearts, with promises of bank notes and booze, to come to New York Fukken City!!!  They have recently welcomed "Random" Jon Poole back into the band to take over on bass duties, so we will be getting a "random" assortment of their greatest hits and finest moments from their 20+ year catalog this night at the Music Hall.  

Saturday June 1st "Wildhearts Greatest Hits Set" @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg TIX AVAILABLE NOW