The Wildhearts Are Coming - Ultra Rare NYC shows!!

Is Earth Vs The Wildhearts really 20 years old?  Does that mean we are all getting old?  Nah, not old.  Just older.  And wiser.  Which is why we are getting ready to party like it's 1993.  When we never gave hangovers a chance to grab hold - we just hit them with a caffeiene bomb.  They say you never forget your first - which is why the Wildhearts are going to play their debut IN ITS ENTIRETY.  And if we are all really loud and exra foot stompy we can probably get them to play an enciore as well - hell maybe it will even be some of the B-Sides from the singles that were released.  You can get tix and info for the Gramercy show here.  Rockin Rodney Speed will be DJing before and between sets for this historic night.


And in case you wanna hear some more later-era Wildhearts, it's a good thing they decided to stick around NYC and play a 2nd night as well, a greatest hits set from their entire 20 year career - that one will be at the Muisc Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday June 1st and more info is available here.  This will be the ONLY non Earth Vs Wildhearts show anywhere in the world in 2013!  Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers will be DJing this gig and melting your mind with killer tunes before and between sets!


And if that wasn't enough - Ginger has decided to debut his solo band - the Ginger Wildheart Band on this trip!!  They will be supporitng the Wildhearts at the Gramercy and The Music Hall as well as their FIRST USA HEADLINING SHOW EVER at the Mercury Lounge!  Tix and info here.

If you're unfamilair with the Wildhearts or the erstwhile frotman / simngwriter Ginger - here's something from our friends at Thrillist!