WarriorFest - Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of NYC's most Iconic cult film - THE WARRIORS - Saturday February 8th, 2014!

In February 1979, Manhattan was a different place. Don't even get us started on Brooklyn.  New York City was cold, and  it was dangerous. It was a time of colorful gangs, graffiti covered trains, and broken truces.  It was a time, of… The Warriors.

New York City has cleaned up a lot since then, but to be honest, we kind of miss  the sense of style and danger exemplified by Turnbull AC's, The Orphans, The Warriors, The Lizzies, The Punks, and The Gramercy Riffs.

35 years after it's debut screening, Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of theis groundbreaking film that has captivated multiple generations with it's street smart characters and violent action, in the city where it was all created! Eat, Drink, and get rowdy at (Le) Poisson Rouge - a multi-media art cabaret that offers impeccable acoustics, so those bottles clanking are guaranteed to give you chills!

We'll have DJ Small Change spinning the tunes from the epic film soundtrack before and after the movie and giving away Warriors Movie Soundtracks courtesy of LaLa Land records.

We'll also be giving out prizes and random free drinks to those who represent the best dressed members of the gangs from the film!

Plus: Q+A with Apache Ramos from The Orphans and other stars of the film!

Hosted By NYC Punk Rock Icon John Joseph

New York City- Come Out To Play-Yay!!!!!